Saturday, September 13, 2008

Woodland Shawl Part 2

So I lied about using the Manos Silk Blend for my Woodland Shawl. I liked the idea of a delicate shawl, so I ended up using more of my stashed Smooshy for this one. I love it! I made no mistakes on this one, and I managed to use every bit of the skein up (had 2 yards left when I was done). More pics and details on Ravelry.

As usual, my school schedule sucks. While the classes this semester are more applied and useful, more studying is going to be required. The first 2 weekends were the only ones where I didn't have to study. From this weekend forward, I will be studying and studying and studying, because I have tests every week from this Monday until Christmas vacation! At least there is no crazy 2 weeks of 9 tests like in the summer, but I definitely have to get used to studying way in advance and I also have to learn to balance studying with having an inkling of a life. I think I would go mad if all I did was study. Which probably explains how I was able to finish this Woodland Shawl in less than a month. That is definitely fast for me!

Going to graduate school, studying all the time, while being away from home and loved ones is definitely the hardest thing I have done in my life so far. I hope it gets somewhat easier, and I hope it is worth it!